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Dilation and constriction of these organelles, called chromatophores, are responsible for the squid’s ability to change color.

Inside Nature’s Giants: The Giant Squid (2010)

Track: These Days
Artist: Nico
Album: Chelsea Girl
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What I Mean When I Say I’m Sex Negative

  • that sex positive feminism has little room for survivors of assault
  • that sex positive feminism has little interest in helping people who don’t want their sex-life to be a coping mechanism from trauma

genderless beings of void and dread in crop tops 2k14

Formation of Thought


Hayao Miyazaki: “I’d like more of the world to go back to being wild.”


Can’t let all these flat stomachs with crop tops shine


A Chinese businessman hid two illegally built extra storeys on his penthouse suite with trees and plants. The penthouse already had a roofgarden, but it was increased in size to deceive neighbours and officials.

actually organized my closet for the first time in forever


I planted my zinnias at random, mixing them with the soil, and they sprouted into a fairy circle 🌱🌱🌱 :> also bonus picture of my herbs